5 Tips for Creating a Highly Effective Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that is distinct from your main website with a focused objective. Typically, they exist to measure click-through rates and lead generation. Knowing this, what exactly makes a landing page help you effectively reach your goals?

1. Grabs Attention

When a user lands on your page you want to make sure your message is clear. Users that are browsing the web are pressed to make snap decisions to see if you are worth their attention. On average you will get less than 8 seconds. If that visitor finds what they can get on your site quickly, they are more likely to stick around a bit longer to see what you are about.

2. Clear Call to Action

Creating a good call to action is a great and simple way to improve conversion rates. You should focus on one call to action on each page. Your messaging should be in a prominent location and easy to understand. The call to action is one of the most important parts of your landing page, so make sure this is a focused priority when building your page.

3. Simple Communication

What is a visitor thinking when they land on your page? Most likely they will be wondering what is the page for and will it provide what they are looking for. You want to answer these questions right away so they will continue to read and browse on. A simple message of what your brand is about can help, but also the positioning of the content is important. According to studies, most people follow a “F shaped” pattern when reading web content. You can use that as a guide to simply and effectively communicate your message to the visitor, so they don’t have to browse your page to the point of frustration.

4. Testimonials

Have you been mentioned in the press or do you have high-end customers? You should showcase this on your landing pages. Adding excellent testimonials or reviews is a great way to show that you are well-known for your services. This gives the visitors a chance to understand what products or services you are offering in a way that relates to them & helps develop their trust in your brand.

5. A Great Looking Landing Page

Design is a very important part of a landing page. It helps people correctly judge the credibility of your web site. If it looks professional, you must be professional. If you use more pleasing, modern graphics the visitors get the impression of a higher quality site. Do not overload your site so that your site becomes too busy. It might seem to sloppy, unprofessional and scare away potential clients.

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