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Don’t Be a Know-It-All, Be a Learn-It-All

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“Don’t be a know-it-all; be a learn-it-all.” – Unlocking the mental key to success

We have all fallen victim to the idea of “knowing it all”. Whether it’s the day-to-day interactions with our coworkers about solving a problem, or listening to a lecture and dozing off in boredom, most of us at one time has thought, “we are the only ones with the answer.” Acting like this is not only obnoxious to others around you, but it also stifles the possibilities of achieving or learning anything beyond your own comprehension.

The “know-it-all” behavior can act like cancer for a practice. It kills ingenuity, creativity, and any opportunities for true change. If we simply “know-it-all”, how can we expect to be able to cut our lengthening wait times for patients? If we know all the answers, how could we expect to boost our conversions or surgery volume? If we “already do that”, how could we expect to boost patient experience and improve employee morale?

“For me, referring to yourself as an ‘expert’ in any field assumes the position that you have reached your fullest potential. It implies you have attained a thrilling pinnacle in your career and that your thirst for knowledge in a particular subject has been quenched.”   – Mandy Antoniacci

So as the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, puts it, instead of being a “Know-it-all”, be a “learn-it-all”. By adopting more of a student’s mindset, we position ourselves to reach higher for more personal and professional growth all while accepting that it’s “ok” to not always have the answers. Release yourself from have the expectation of perfection, and reengage your mind in the process of seeking knowledge for both success and failures. For these failures are much less about mistakes, than they are about learned opportunities within your own practice.

5 Tips for Creating a Highly Effective Landing Page

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A landing page is a web page that is distinct from your main website with a focused objective. Typically, they exist to measure click-through rates and lead generation. Knowing this, what exactly makes a landing page help you effectively reach your goals?

1. Grabs Attention

When a user lands on your page you want to make sure your message is clear. Users that are browsing the web are pressed to make snap decisions to see if you are worth their attention. On average you will get less than 8 seconds. If that visitor finds what they can get on your site quickly, they are more likely to stick around a bit longer to see what you are about.

2. Clear Call to Action

Creating a good call to action is a great and simple way to improve conversion rates. You should focus on one call to action on each page. Your messaging should be in a prominent location and easy to understand. The call to action is one of the most important parts of your landing page, so make sure this is a focused priority when building your page.

3. Simple Communication

What is a visitor thinking when they land on your page? Most likely they will be wondering what is the page for and will it provide what they are looking for. You want to answer these questions right away so they will continue to read and browse on. A simple message of what your brand is about can help, but also the positioning of the content is important. According to studies, most people follow a “F shaped” pattern when reading web content. You can use that as a guide to simply and effectively communicate your message to the visitor, so they don’t have to browse your page to the point of frustration.

4. Testimonials

Have you been mentioned in the press or do you have high-end customers? You should showcase this on your landing pages. Adding excellent testimonials or reviews is a great way to show that you are well-known for your services. This gives the visitors a chance to understand what products or services you are offering in a way that relates to them & helps develop their trust in your brand.

5. A Great Looking Landing Page

Design is a very important part of a landing page. It helps people correctly judge the credibility of your web site. If it looks professional, you must be professional. If you use more pleasing, modern graphics the visitors get the impression of a higher quality site. Do not overload your site so that your site becomes too busy. It might seem to sloppy, unprofessional and scare away potential clients.

Eyemax at ASCRS/ASOA 2017

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Will you be attending ASCRS/ASOA 2017? Make sure you stop by booth #954 to meet our experts & check out our booth talks & courses. If you are looking to get your practice on track, our ASCRS/ASOA 2017 events may be just what the Doctor ordered!

We will also be offering private consultations for ASCRS/ASOA 2017. We will review your current marketing strategy and provide our recommendations to help you reach your goals. Schedule your private marketing check up here:

ASCRS Booth Talks:

Meet our experts and learn how to increase your conversions and surgery volume. Get your practice on the right financial course with OptiRev – Power Up Net Profit! Saturday, May 6th @ 2:00 pm and Sunday, May 7th @ 11:00 am & 3:30 pm, located at Booth 954. RSVP Now:

Your Presbyopic Strategy
Are you considering introducing Raindrop® or KAMRA™ into your growing practice? Learn the secrets from the experts on this growing trend with Your Presbyopic Solution Strategy. Visit us at Booth 954 on Saturday, May 6th @ 10:30 am or Sunday, May 7th @ 2:00 pm. RSVP Now:

ASOA Courses:

ASOA Course 8 Habits
Come see Senior Practice Consultant, Lisa Chmura & Account Manager, Kelsey Vaughan present: Eight Habits of Highly Effective Practices. This ASOA Course will be located in Meeting Room Level 504 on Sunday, May 7th at 9:15 a.m.

ASOA Course Consultants on Call
You don’t want to miss COO / Director of Marketing, Megan Mestas present Consultants on Call at ASCRS/ASOA 2017. This ASOA Course will be located in the ASOA Networking Lounge on Sunday, May 7th at 3 p.m.

We look forward to meeting you at ASCRS/ASOA 2017 this year! Don’t forget to stop by Booth #954 to meet our experts & find out how Eyemax can help your practice reach it’s full potential!


Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Keep Your Brand Fresh & Modern

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The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, you know what that means… it’s time for spring cleaning. Your business may be doing amazing, but it’s never a bad idea to take a look internally and make sure your company is up to date and attracting new leads.

Trends are ever changing and you want your company to keep a modern look and feel. Here are a few quick things to check out, to make sure your brand is looking good and running smoothly.

Social Media

Keeping up to date with social media platforms is a great way to keep your company relevant and draw in potential business. Almost everyone has some sort of social media presence these days, so it’s always a good idea to stay current and on top of what people are drawn to. The best thing you can do is make sure your social media profiles come off as personal and human. One of the biggest errors brands make, is keeping their social media presence too corporate. This comes off to people as very dull and uninteresting. Make sure you add in human elements, such as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or getting involved in the community. You want your social media platforms to have value and give your followers a reason to view and share your posts.

Photography Trends

It’s also extremely important to stay on top of the latest photography trends. Brands can no longer get away with using ANY type of stock imagery, your audience wants images that are engaging and interesting. In our society almost everyone has a camera within close reach, in their purse, briefcase or pocket. With the standards in smart phone cameras increasing, there is a much higher criteria for great photography by amateurs as well as professionals. Anyone can snap a photo of group of people smiling, but not everyone has the ability to capture the raw emotion of what you really want to portray. People are drawn to candid images, full of spontaneity, movement and raw emotion. These images are more relatable and capture a moment that your audience can relate to. Make sure the imagery you are using throughout your business reflects these things.

Brand Colors

Another great way to clean up your brand is by freshening up your brand color palette. It doesn’t have to be a huge make over; it can be just as easy as brightening up your color palette or even just adding another accent color to give it a little something extra. Either way it’s always a good idea to make sure your color palette is modern. This year, bright, organic colors are all the rage. People are drawn to things that have a naturalistic/organic feeling to them.

These are just some of the little things you can keep in mind to make sure your company is still moving forward and staying ahead of the curve. Comment below and let us know how you are spring cleaning your brand this year!

Converting to More

Converting to More: The Importance of Lead Capture

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In our business, we are all looking for “more”; more volume, more qualified patients, more leads. Often, we spend “more” money to chase this need, only to find nothing but “more” problems. So what’s the secret? Well it might be closer than we thought.

 The Need

  • Each call represents value. The ringing phone is a golden opportunity! Every incoming call represents potential revenue and cost valuable dollars to produce.  So, it’s critical that we capture demographic info from each and every call, regardless of whether or not they schedule a consult.
  • Leads are 100x more valuable… than any name you can purchase on a list!
  • Capture the basics with every call. Get EVERY callers’ basic demographics – name, email address, address, phone number, referral source – so that they can be input into a prospect database and followed up with accordingly.  Having elective surgery is a big decision, and patients will often schedule a consult days, weeks, even years after the initial phone call.  Keep your practice at the top of their mind by sending follow up material.

Ways to Utilize Captured Information

  1. Create a relationship – After you captured their name at the beginning of the call, use it! Say their name a few times throughout the conversation and they will know they are important to you!
  1. Build a database of qualified leads – With this list you know a.) Their vision concerns b.) Are interested in elective/corrective vision surgery and c.) Already are aware of your practice.
  1. Analyze patient demographics – The more information you can gather about potential patients, the more effective your external and internal marketing efforts can be. It can also show where qualified and less qualified leads are originating.
  1. Bonding and closing tool in the consult – Use all of the information you captured on the phone, in the consultation. Review the information and prepare yourself before the consult starts. Was the person afraid? Were they worried about affordability? Do they live farther away?


  • Capture the basics at the beginning. If you wait until the end of a call to ask for basic demographic information, a caller who is not scheduling a consult will typically be reluctant to give information. However, when asked for their information at the beginning of a call it seems routine.
  • Have a set script of things to ask for. Know what you need to ask for and ask it the same way with every caller. This confidence conveys it as something that is customary or required.
  • Secret Shop centers that are trained in this well. It can give you ideas of how to ask for the information and how to overcome objections.
  • Use bonding questions to capture information. It will help move the conversation along and also help you gather pertinent information without going through your list of needed info, question after question.

Don’t fall victim to the never ending black hole of past leads. Make capturing lead information a vital part of your internal process and start seeing your potential volume rise!