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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Keep Your Brand Fresh & Modern

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The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, you know what that means… it’s time for spring cleaning. Your business may be doing amazing, but it’s never a bad idea to take a look internally and make sure your company is up to date and attracting new leads.

Trends are ever changing and you want your company to keep a modern look and feel. Here are a few quick things to check out, to make sure your brand is looking good and running smoothly.

Social Media

Keeping up to date with social media platforms is a great way to keep your company relevant and draw in potential business. Almost everyone has some sort of social media presence these days, so it’s always a good idea to stay current and on top of what people are drawn to. The best thing you can do is make sure your social media profiles come off as personal and human. One of the biggest errors brands make, is keeping their social media presence too corporate. This comes off to people as very dull and uninteresting. Make sure you add in human elements, such as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or getting involved in the community. You want your social media platforms to have value and give your followers a reason to view and share your posts.

Photography Trends

It’s also extremely important to stay on top of the latest photography trends. Brands can no longer get away with using ANY type of stock imagery, your audience wants images that are engaging and interesting. In our society almost everyone has a camera within close reach, in their purse, briefcase or pocket. With the standards in smart phone cameras increasing, there is a much higher criteria for great photography by amateurs as well as professionals. Anyone can snap a photo of group of people smiling, but not everyone has the ability to capture the raw emotion of what you really want to portray. People are drawn to candid images, full of spontaneity, movement and raw emotion. These images are more relatable and capture a moment that your audience can relate to. Make sure the imagery you are using throughout your business reflects these things.

Brand Colors

Another great way to clean up your brand is by freshening up your brand color palette. It doesn’t have to be a huge make over; it can be just as easy as brightening up your color palette or even just adding another accent color to give it a little something extra. Either way it’s always a good idea to make sure your color palette is modern. This year, bright, organic colors are all the rage. People are drawn to things that have a naturalistic/organic feeling to them.

These are just some of the little things you can keep in mind to make sure your company is still moving forward and staying ahead of the curve. Comment below and let us know how you are spring cleaning your brand this year!

How to Reach Millenials & Generation Z on Social Media

How to Reach Millennials & Generation Z on Social Media

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Just when we thought we were starting to understand millennials, there’s a new kid in town. Name: Generation Z or Gen Z. As Baby Boomers & Gen Xers get older and retire, Millennials & Gen Z will be major spenders in the economy. Gen Z shares several similarities with Millennials, but there are also major key differences.


Born: 1982-2002 Current Population: 74.5 million

Millennials are the first generation adapted to new technologies, growing up in the age of internet. The internet has shaped several characteristics of this generation. Millennials were given a platform to connect to each other, speak their minds & educate themselves to determine their own opinions.

Key Traits

– Brand loyal
– Avid consumers
– Comfortable voicing opinions
– Like attention & praise
– Immune to traditional marketing
– Less trusting of others than older generations
– More accepting & tolerant than older generations
– Care about social change & charity
– Optimistic about the future
– Connect by social media (the selfie generation)
– Attached to multiple devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets)
– Seen as over-sharers on social media by older generations
– Outnumber Baby Boomers in population
– Have overtaken Gen X in the workforce

Generation Z

Born: 1996-2010 Current Population: 23 million & growing

Gen Z is the most connected and tech savvy generation yet. They are sophisticated, mature and more aware than most generations. Part of what makes Gen Z unique, is that they have grown up being exposed to global events as they happen. They have always had instant access to technology, social media and online videos. They use social media and YouTube for research, as opposed to starting with a search engine like Google. By 2020 Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers.

Key Traits

– Technology geniuses (more so than Millennials)
– Prefer mobile technology, have always had mobile options
– Impatient to slow websites/apps, long videos & response times
– Choose digital conversations over real life
– Mature, sophisticated & confident
– More independent than older generations
– Don’t like conformity or traditional ways
– Aware of global events, seen from an early age
– More accepting and inclusive than older generations
– Entrepreneurial, prefer to own a business
– Optimistic about personal future
– Need a sense of purpose in work & to give back
– Focused on long-term global issues
– Selective about what they share on social media
– Brand loyal, often influenced by recommendations from friends & family

MUST HAVE TECH for Millennials & Gen Z:

Mobile Friendly Websites
Your site HAS to be mobile friendly & it needs to look good. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Millennials & Gen Z are tech savvy & don’t have time for slow loading, desktop websites.

Apps Are a Must
When you provide an app, your brand is right there on their phone all the time. This gives your audience easy access to your products or services. The easier it is to access, the more likely Millenials & Gen Z are to stick around & explore what you have to offer. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time of ALL users.

Social Media Presence
Millennials and Gen Z expect all brands to have a social media presence. They often check Facebook first, before they go to Google to research your brand. Millennials & Gen Z use Youtube to research products or services, get answers to questions and find recommendations. Don’t make them work to find you, put your brand on as many social platforms as you can manage. Social media will help develop trust in your brand, showing that you are authentic with nothing to hide. If you don’t have the most basic social media accounts, these generations will pass by your brand.

6 Ways to Reach Millennials & Gen Z with Social Media

1. Facebook Live something that makes your business unique. Do you work with lasers? Do you take care of cute puppies all day? Gen Z & Millennials don’t want to see you in a perfect scripted video. They want an inside look & to see the real people behind the screen. This can be anything from showcasing your personality to presenting new technologies. If you trust your audience with an exclusive look, they will start to build trust & brand loyalty.

2. Update your Instagram Story. Millennials & Gen Z want short, bite sized information. The Instagram stories feature gives you the chance to create short videos, photos and Boomerang gifs. This allows you to really showcase how your brand is unique. There are 6 million active users on Instagram, reach out to them in a creative & interesting way.

3. Offer experiences, not a sales pitch. Millennials & Gen Z are not going to buy what you’re selling if you market the old fashioned way. They want to spend their income on something that will last a lifetime. What can your product or service do to benefit your audience in the long run? Show Millennials & Gen Z how you can change their life & what experiences are possible in the future.

4. Let them talk about it. Millennials & Gen Z use social media to find out more about a business & to share their own experiences. Make sure you are offering them a place to connect with you. Your brand should be easy to find on all social platforms. Stay on top of reviews & mentions, making sure to respond in a timely & sincere manner. Connect the audience to your brand by assigning a hashtag that matches your company story & start the conversation with them. Most importantly of all LISTEN.

5. Put them in the spotlight. Millennials & Gen Z often share photos & videos on social media. This includes showcasing the products & services they love. They assign themselves the role of brand advocate & pass on positive word-of-mouth messages. Use the awesome free content they are providing & re-share with your entire audience. These generations love to feel appreciated and valued. They develop brand loyalty when their creativity is embraced & recognized.

6. Keep your web/social clean & modern. Millennials & Gen Z are accepting, tolerant and multicultural. They don’t want to see traditional stock photography in your ads. Show that you think outside of the box, using modern photography that showcases lifestyle & experiences. Communicate visually to diverse audiences. You are selling them the experience, so showcase the entire story in your social media graphics.

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6 Tips to Manage Online Reviews like a Pro

6 Tips to Manage Online Reviews like a Pro

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Not sure how to interact with your customers or patients online? Interacting with your followers is a huge part of building an online presence and managing your online reputation. As scary as it may be, you should be actively requesting reviews and feedback for your products or services. Even if you have positive reviews from the past, reviews should be current & coming in weekly. New statistics show that:

  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.
  • 22% of consumers will only consider reviews written in the last 2 weeks.

With this in mind, how you respond to your reviews is key to building a positive relationship with your followers. If you need a little help, here are 6 tips to manage online reviews like a pro.

Have a Quick Response Time

Replying quickly shows that you are attentive to your patient’s or customer’s needs and are interested in hearing their feedback. It also shows that if there is a problem, you are quick to respond and fix any issues or concerns. If you don’t have a social media manager, make sure that there is an employee who checks your review sites daily.

Show Authentic Appreciation

Show appreciation to your followers, for simply taking the time to share their personal experience with your service. Acknowledge that you know how busy they are and that it is a BIG deal that they took this time out for feedback. Express this gratitude in an authentic way by responding to each review with a unique and thoughtful reply.

Reiterate their Concerns

Reiterate a phrase from the online review. This shows that you have carefully read their post and thoughtfully responded to their individual needs. Show concern for the reviewer’s well-being and hit the topics that mean something to them. Restate and reinforce the positive changes the service or product has made in the reviewer’s life or what needs improvement.

The Customer is Always Right

Always be polite and professional when interacting with your customers online, just as you would in person. This is an opportunity to practice great consumer relations, so leave your emotions at home when you are crafting responses.

Use all reviews as a tool to learn more about your customer. Bad reviews show you what you need to work on. Good reviews highlight your strengths. Your review response gives you the perfect platform to survey the customer & ask what you can do better.

Use Keywords in Your Response

Research review websites & see what keywords are showing up the most often in your search. Find competitors in your field & monitor what words and phrases they are using.

Use Emojis 😀 🎈

92% of the online population is using emojis to express themselves, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Emojis are a straight forward way to bring a little fun into your review responses. Don’t be too cryptic with your emoji use, just use them to emphasize your appreciation ❤❤❤.

For more helpful tips, check out Steps for Handling a Difficult Patient & How to Respond to Negative Social Media Reviews.

10 Brands to Follow on Pinterest for Marketing Inspo

10 Brands to Follow on Pinterest for Marketing Inspo

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Pinterest is a great platform for gaining inspiration & organizing ideas, but is it a place for digital marketers? If you are looking for tips, content and infographics, check out 10 brands to follow on Pinterest for marketing inspo. After following these accounts, you will have tons of useful content to read, repin & post on other social platforms.

1. Social media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner shares a lot of tips on how to engage with users on different social platforms. They post helpful blogs and infographics, covering everything from utilizing Pinterest and Snapchat for marketers to using Pokemon Go for business. This is a great account to follow, especially if your focus is social media marketing.

2. Buffer


Buffer is all about sharing new technologies, social platforms and  trending stories on their Pinterest account. They pin great tips and infographics for social media managers and content creators. Buffer also covers general business topics like time management, tips for startups and analytics. Follow Buffer if you want to master content marketing and stay on top of all the latest trending topics.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has essentially mastered Pinterest. With almost 20,000 pinned posts and 66,000 followers, they have created an account that is truly a great resource for marketers.  Constant Contact has very detailed boards that are organized in an easy to dig through manner. You could spend hours sifting through their content to learn new tactics and find tons relevant resources to post to your business social media accounts. They have several boards dedicated solely email marketing. As the experts in their field, there is tons of strategies and original content on these boards. They are worth the follow for great info as well as inspiration on how to create an amazing business Pinterest account.

4. Canva


If you haven’t heard of Canva, check out their Pinterest account. Canva is a graphic design startup that strives to make design easier for marketers. Their account is a helpful resource to designers, photographers, social media marketers, content creators and small business owners.  The majority of the pins are inspo for design and marketing materials, as well as ideas for social media content. Canva has crafted a beautifully curated Pinterest account that focuses on the design side of marketing and education for the non-designer.

5. Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is an author with social media know-how, who is using Pinterest to grow her brand & educate other social media marketers. The pins that she posts can help take your social media game to the next level. She covers all things social, with her boards featuring platform strategies, brand building and tips for successful blogging. What makes this account unique & successful, is that Peg balances her business content with other popular categories on Pinterest. Food, crafts, beauty tips, traveling…these are the topics that Pinterest users are searching for. This makes her page not only valuable to marketers, but also a great resource for the average Pinterest user.

6. HubSpot


HubSpot is a great resource for marketers and small businesses to get inspiration. If you are looking for expert advice and shareable content for your accounts, look no further. They tend to post more tips about the analytical side of things, such as ROI on social media, SEO and marketing strategies. What makes them stand out on Pinterest is the amount of content they are creating (so many amazing infographics), as well as sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their company culture, offices, conferences and employees. They even share specific plans for seasonal marketing campaigns, such as back to school. While your at it, check out their board Bad Marketing Kittens.

7. Post Planner

Post Planner

Post Planner is social media engagement app that can be really helpful to drive engagement to your website and social profiles. If you can’t take advantage of their paid app (starting at only $7 a month), do utilize all the FREE content and education they are distributing on Pinterest. Their boards are very organized & easy to navigate, with each platform having it’s own unique board. When it comes to social media questions, you can almost always find your answer within their pins.

8. Social Media Today

screen-Social Media Today-2016-09-15-at-3-38-02-pm

Social Media Today focuses on publishing and distributing posts from the best minds in the industry. It makes perfect sense that they would have a very active Pinterest page ( 8,000 pins and counting) to further their distribution. They tackle topics that some marketers tend to avoid, like mobile marketing, e-commerce, metrics and data. Social Media Today also pins trending up-to-the-minute topics; such as implementing Facebook Live, Pokemon GO and Snapchat for your business. Follow their page for endless shareable content to keep your social profiles fresh and relevant.

9. Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is an award winning content marketer with over 28,000 followers on Pinterest. Aside from the useful content she provides via pinning, she is also using Pinterest to help drive traffic to her blog. If you follow her account closely, you can get an idea her blogging strategies and tactics. She covers all things social with her boards; featuring social platform strategies, brand building and tips for successful blogging. Rebehkah strives to help small businesses and marketing professionals by offering tons of advice, focusing on blogging. Follow her account for everything from how to create and promote your blog, to blog SEO and monetization.

9. Digital Information World

Digital Information World

Digital Information World prides themselves in being a visual stream of social media, business and online marketing. This page is a helpful resource to marketers and designers alike, showcasing advice for blogging, branding, email marketing, social media and productivity. An interesting tool they are utilizing, is the use of community boards. The board Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board has almost 4,000 contributors pinning content and is a great way to discover new blogs, covering a variety of topics.

Is your brand on Pinterest? We are! Check out our Pinterest page! Follow our account for tips on social media, online marketing, branding, web design, practice and consulting and we will follow you back!

Instagram Checklist

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It’s no secret, Instagram is doing great things for brands in every industry. According to HubSpot, there are over 400 million active users on Instagram. Fifty-nine percent of these users are using the platform daily.

If you are looking to connect with a millennial audience, look no further. With over half of millennials using Instagram every single day, you are missing a huge opportunity to engage with this audience if you aren’t an active user. Why not leverage Instagram to create the exposure your brand needs?

Even with all the buzz, you might still have your doubts about jumping into this visual social platform. To take some of the guesswork out of Instagram, we created this printable checklist for Instagram success. 

Instagram Checklist


Instagram Check List