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With a deep understanding of the consumer psychology of a LASIK patient, our results-driven LASIK marketing campaigns not only compel consumers to have LASIK but to have LASIK with you… today!  Eyemax’s campaigns are a comprehensive approach that reaches the patient every step of the way from the advertising, to your website, to the initial phone call, to their experience in your office, and even after their procedure is complete. Our LASIK marketing campaigns are cohesive, memorable and moving. And we are preparing you for long-term growth as well – looking to the future with our LASIK Marketing Plan we are engaging tomorrow’s LASIK patients today!

Presbyopic Inlays

Over one billion individuals struggle with presbyopia. While the presbyopic solution for those dreaded reading glasses has arrived did your strategy follow? Not only will Eyemax teach you the tools toward capturing this new opportunity of growth, we will help you discover the strategies to identify and convert these patients into meaningful volume and revenue. If you are excited about the future of presbyopic inlays, Eyemax is excited to join you on the journey.

Cataract and premium iol

The cataract patient of today is changing. Baby boomers are reaching ‘cataract-age’ and they are active and independent. At Eyemax we realize the demand is no longer just to remove a cataract but instead a desire for spectacle independence; to achieve the vision of their youth. Our Cataract & Premium IOL marketing strategies know how and where to find these patients; they educate and move them into action. From radio and television campaigns, to seminars and in-office tools, if your focus is growing your premium cataract volume, Eyemax is the team to get you there.


The population of dry eye patients is exploding. As the medical world developed a multi-faceted approach to treat dry eye, Eyemax created a multi-faceted approach to market these therapies to your patients. Using a mix of data mining, internal resources and structured external marketing, Eyemax has the jumpstart program for practices of all sizes.


When was the last time you viewed your practice with fresh eyes? As a practice it’s not always easy to see what may be holding your volume back. At Eyemax, we understand the importance of seeing our practices in action. From patient flow observation, to office aesthetics and patient counseling, we examine the inner workings of your practice with an on-the-ground visit, and from there, set a growth strategy to move forward. You’ll not only be surprised at what you may learn, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.


Achieving a youthful look goes hand-in-hand with restoring youthful vision. Many ophthalmology practices are now also offering skin care, injectables, oculoplastic surgery and much more. Using similar strategies Eyemax has used for over a decade to engage and capture patients to improve their vision, we provide practices with results to grow this sector of their services as well. With striking, high-quality visual design Eyemax can be your partner to skyrocket your cosmetic services.

General eye care

With over 40 years combined experience in the ophthalmology marketing & consulting industry, Eyemax realizes that you need a partner who completely understands your business. We implement and manage proven marketing techniques designed to sustain and grow your general ophthalmology services. Our goal is to deliver trackable results quickly via efficient advertising methods.

Social media

Eyemax is proud to offer an enhanced social media program  – Social Plus. This isn’t the plain ol’ social media offering you’ll find from other agencies. This is a program for the practices who are ready to make the strength of the social media network really WORK for them. Turn to the experts who are getting results today – Eyemax.


One of the most effective ways to market your practice is with the help of the Internet. The Internet has clearly revolutionized how people search for information and with so much competition, it is a crucial tool to provide a clear way to define your market position. It’s important to develop a strong, image driven site that promotes your practice as the place to go for vision care. At Eyemax, our website development team knows exactly what it takes to specifically market vision correction. Unless you are using your website as a sales tool, you are wasting your money. It’s like any other medium; it requires a strategy and execution. And Eyemax brings over 18 years experience to ensuring your website is a results-based, effective marketing tool. We will work with you and your staff to ensure the content is exactly what you want, and colors and images are representative of your practice’s brand.

Brand building

We Build Images That Instill Confidence + Crush the Competition

Your marketing may express the quality of care your practice provides, but what about the materials you are giving to potential patients? Quality, internal marketing means having patient materials that are consistent with the look and feel of your advertising as well as the image you and your staff provide as potential patients enter your office. Consistency builds trust and trust is what you need to build and maintain a solid patient base. Eyemax firmly believes in the power of creating a strong brand with consistent internal marketing pieces that get your practice noticed and remembered.  Many practices fall short when it comes to branding the quality of their services to the consumer – Eyemax will work with you to ensure all of your internal materials are consistent with your overall brand image, as well as your external marketing messages.

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