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The Practice Growth Experts Since 1998.

Nobody Gets Results Like Eyemax!

Eyemax is a full-service marketing & consulting firm with 100% of our clientele in the refractive eye care industry. We’ve established an excellent reputation for producing high quality, effective and memorable advertising campaigns designed to drive phone calls, build long-term brand equity and ultimately increase procedure volume. But what really sets us apart is our experience. We give our clients over a decade of knowledge of marketing techniques that have made some of the largest refractive practices extremely successful.

If you’re an ophthalmologist or an administrator you know firsthand that experience is everything! With Eyemax you get the benefit of over 19 years of time-tested experience that’s invaluable when it comes to marketing your practice. We don’t guess at how to grow refractive procedure volume, we have a precise, proven and time-tested recipe for it.

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“I chose Eyemax in 1999 to carryout a massive advertising campaign. From the very first time, while I was searching for a marketing agency, I recognized the talent behind the operation. Eyemax’s Talent and understanding of the field, as well as a keen eye for the market propelled The Eye Center to the top of the LASIK industry in the first year of operation. 

Today we still enjoy a strong brand name and a competitive position in our LASIK market. I owe a great deal of our success to the strong relationship and bond with Eyemax.”

– Ayman Boutros, M.D.