Spring Cleaning: Keep Your Brand Fresh & Modern

Spring Cleaning

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, you know what that means… it’s time for spring cleaning. Your business may be doing amazing, but it’s never a bad idea to take a look internally and make sure your company is up to date and attracting new leads.

Trends are ever changing and you want your company to keep a modern look and feel. Here are a few quick things to check out, to make sure your brand is looking good and running smoothly.

Social Media

Keeping up to date with social media platforms is a great way to keep your company relevant and draw in potential business. Almost everyone has some sort of social media presence these days, so it’s always a good idea to stay current and on top of what people are drawn to. The best thing you can do is make sure your social media profiles come off as personal and human. One of the biggest errors brands make, is keeping their social media presence too corporate. This comes off to people as very dull and uninteresting. Make sure you add in human elements, such as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or getting involved in the community. You want your social media platforms to have value and give your followers a reason to view and share your posts.

Photography Trends

It’s also extremely important to stay on top of the latest photography trends. Brands can no longer get away with using ANY type of stock imagery, your audience wants images that are engaging and interesting. In our society almost everyone has a camera within close reach, in their purse, briefcase or pocket. With the standards in smart phone cameras increasing, there is a much higher criteria for great photography by amateurs as well as professionals. Anyone can snap a photo of group of people smiling, but not everyone has the ability to capture the raw emotion of what you really want to portray. People are drawn to candid images, full of spontaneity, movement and raw emotion. These images are more relatable and capture a moment that your audience can relate to. Make sure the imagery you are using throughout your business reflects these things.

Brand Colors

Another great way to clean up your brand is by freshening up your brand color palette. It doesn’t have to be a huge make over; it can be just as easy as brightening up your color palette or even just adding another accent color to give it a little something extra. Either way it’s always a good idea to make sure your color palette is modern. This year, bright, organic colors are all the rage. People are drawn to things that have a naturalistic/organic feeling to them.

These are just some of the little things you can keep in mind to make sure your company is still moving forward and staying ahead of the curve. Comment below and let us know how you are spring cleaning your brand this year!

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